Selling your practice to the right primary care group, hospital, or health system, is one of the most challenging decisions to make as an owner. With so many options, partnering with a group that’s committed to your professional, financial, and personal success – as well as providing the highest level of care for your patients – is vital. That’s the commitment we make to our providers, and its why so many physicians have trusted us with their practice.

Our most successful locations have maintained office comradery, kept employees happy, withheld unnecessary terminations and maintain the status quo in the practice. You worked hard to build a successful primary care practice with the right people in the right roles; we’d like to keep it that way.

Unlike partnering with or selling to a hospital system, we pride ourselves on cultivating a work environment that is engaging, inclusive, and profitable.

We do this by offering:

  • Professional advancement opportunities for outstanding, overachieving employees in your practice
  • Affordable benefits and 401K options
  • Coordinated onboarding and education for those joining the Complete Health team, ensuring your staff has the best opportunity for success.

We aim to improve the quality of care, generate more positive outcomes, lower costs of care and offer more accessible health care for all.

Our physicians share this vision of delivering excellent primary care while also improving career satisfaction. Complete Health brings together the best doctors in a market — doctors like you — to work together towards this goal.